Prelude to Tranquility

Steeped in atmosphere and assiduously written and performed, Sounds M harmonically fascinating and melodically engrossing "Prelude to Tranquility" is a beautifully realized neoclassical piece that offers listeners a rewarding listening experience that will take them on a fascinating exploratory musical endeavor that is sure to stay with them for a long time to come. Sounds M has crafted a deeply engrossing soundscape made up of beautifully ambient piano, delicately articulated strings, and expansive beds of carefully implemented reverb, creating a particularly open and atmosphere-inducing sound quality that gently envelops its listeners. "Prelude to Tranquility" is one of those particular pieces of music that is best experienced whilst sitting back and with your eyes closed in order to fully absorb what it has to say.


Released on June 22 2022

Strongest Points

Whilst there are many strong points to be found within this fantastic piece of music such as the accomplished performances, inspired writing, and deep thematic potency, I particularly find the way in which "Prelude to Tranquility" balance its moments of tension and resolution most intriguing. Sounds M masterfully places moments of dissonance and harmonic tension throughout the arrangement that never allows the listener to ever feel fully at ease, this proves to be a key thematic element that underpins the music. As the title hints at, moments of tranquility are often surrounded by moments of agitation and instability, and this can be profoundly felt throughout, yet, it is handled in such a delicate way that when those key moments of resolution do occur, the deep emotional pull of the music is heightened to such an extent that as a listener you can't help but feel utterly taken in by it.

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About The Reviewer

Andre Avanessian is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K. Having studied music production and composition at a degree level, he has taken his passion for all things audio-related to a level that has allowed him to become both a competent musician and performer. Being a self-confessed "Guitar Nerd" Andre has been continually studying the guitar, as well as teaching it, helping students both learn the instrument, develop their songwriting, and how to become proficient in home recording.