Master of atmosphere Mayumi Masuya returns with yet another hauntingly captivating sonic experience that manages to once again perfectly combine her intriguingly enigmatic creative approach with an unnerving, yet thoroughly absorbing sense of melancholy.” - Andre Avanessian - Internet Radio

Calming Blue

Combining the sounds and feel of neo-classical, new-age, and minimalist styles together to dazzling effect, Mayumi Masuya has whisked up yet another utterly enthralling composition that gently pulls you into its emotionally-driven soundscape with a profound sense of purpose, treating listeners to an experience that feels both calming and irrefutably soul-enriching.” - Andre Avanessian - Internet Radio

Untold Love

Magical and mysterious, "Untold Love" from Sounds M is a must listen for any and all contemporary classical fans, particularly those with an affinity for music from the Romantic period. ” - Steven Azami - Internet Radio


Brooding and atmospheric, Echoes by composer Sounds M has the power to send chills down your spine and leave you awe struck.” - Zachary Larson - Internet Radio


This aptly named piece conveys a wonderful sense of intrigue and awe, imbuing the listener with a mystical and unsettled feeling through tense, close minor harmonies played on the piano, as well as metallic and bowed synthetics.” - Steven Azami - Internet Radio

An Empty Dollhouse

Distant Memories




Prelude to Tranquility