An Empty Dollhouse

Wonderfully spacious and hauntingly beautiful, An Empty Dollhouse is a vividly descriptive piece of modern Classical music.” - Zachary Larson - Internet Radio

Distant Memories

Sounds M's "Distant Memories" will certainly appeal to contemporary classical and New Age music audiences, thanks to its rich textures and solid compositional structure.” - Steven Azami - Internet Radio


Broken diminished chords are laid out on the piano via repetitive figures, while haunting woodwinds hint at eerie melodies on this contemporary classical number that is sure to leave listeners feeling astounded and bewildered.” - Steven Azami - Internet Radio


"Melancholia" is a superb piece and I'm sure lovers of atmosphere-heavy classical music will adore what Mayumi Masuya has crafted.” - Andre Avanessian - Internet Radio


From the sheer atmosphere created by the ghostly choir layers to the deep sense of misgiving aroused by the haunting nature that shrouds the piece's many compelling melodies, "Vanished" is very much a piece of music that aims to challenge its listeners, and it does so brilliantly. ” - Andre Avanessian - Internet Radio

Prelude to Tranquility