Magical and mysterious, "Untold Love" from Sounds M is a must listen for any and all contemporary classical fans, particularly those with an affinity for music from the Romantic period. ” - Steven Azami - Internet Radio

about Sounds M

Mayumi Masuya, better known as Sounds M, is a rising neoclassical/new-age composer originating from Japan.

Having extensive education in composition, Mayumi seeks to create a sonic experience that will impact any listener.

Through graceful instrumentation, she expresses images and emotions on a canvas of soundscapes.

With some inspiration deriving from surrealist paintings (Paul Delvaux and Fernand Khnopff), Mayumi manages to create an audiovisual world that encapsulates her emotions.

Moreover, Mayumi aims to create a world for the listener through her distinctive compositions.

Influenced by the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Johann Johannsson, Claude Debussey, and Eric Satie, Mayumi Masuya is carving her own musical lane.

Composer: Mayumi Masuya (Osaka, Japan)

Born: Kobe, Japan

Genre: New Age, Neoclassical, Classical Crossover, Ambient

Education: Osaka University of Arts (Composition)
Mainly trained in classical music
Studied jazz and vocal theory after graduation

Another place I lived: Queensland, Australia (miss the beautiful sky and unique animals!)


Composers: Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré 

Painters: Paul Delvaux, Fernand Khnopff 

Netflix: The Queen's Gambit (Love the soundtrack too!) 

Travel: Domestic travel by train (The hot springs are relaxing!)